Property Management Services

At Red Balloon Realty we offer a premium Property Management service.  We have a diverse management portfolio ranging from individual houses, to condos, small apartment complexes, large apartment complexes, office buildings, industrial, and commercial assets.  Our Property Management team is licensed and stays current on California property laws and regulations as well as keeps abreast of all landlord-tenant rights.  As professionals in the Property Management industry, we have the resources, experience and background to efficiently and effectively manage all property types.

At Red Balloon Realty we tailor the management of each property based on the specific financial goals and priorities of our clients. With these objectives in mind, our Property Managers are driven to meet the unique needs of each client and provide optimal results.
Focused on driving value in each asset, our Property and Account Managers work to minimize operating costs, maximize efficiency, provide quality tenant services, protect the value of each property, and most importantly provide our clients with the highest return on their investment through maximized monthly revenue.

Our Property and Account Managers demonstrate accountability for their performance and decisions made on behalf of clients. They are fully vested in their work and take ownership for both the successes and challenges in their managed properties.

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